One Life. One Chance. No Regrets.


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One life. 
One chance. 
No regrets.

You own a business, a business with potential and opportunity. People tell you that and you feel it in your bones.

Of course, there are the naysayers. (First lesson: don’t surround yourself with naysayers.). Normally you wouldn’t pay any attention to this group. But the fact of the matter is, you haven’t been able to gain the traction to separate yourself from the competition. The economy has been a constant hinderence, but you know your competition is dealing with the same economy, and you realize some of you aren’t likely to survive, perhaps even you. Come to think of it, your competition does seem to be doing better in the marketplace than you are. You know there is something you could probably do to separate yourself from the competition and pull away from the pack. But you can’t quite put your finger on it.

If that describes you, ELLIS can help.

First of all, the economy is unlikely to improve for decades. ELLIS’ forecast predicts continued withering of the American economy stretching over decades. But it also predicts, specifically, how you can assure your success while those around you face ruin and despair. In fact, ELLIS goes so far as to predict that every company that survives to thrive in the 21st century will adopt the following business model, or one very like it. The companies that are most successful have already adopted it. Some of them were instrumental in devising it.

Amazon is the future of business. 
Google & Wikipedia are the future of knowledge. 
Apple is the future of innovation & customer loyalty.

These are the companies you must emulate to have any hope of surviving and thriving in the tumultuous and chaotic 21st century.

The business model I am going to describe was created by Steve Jobs as he pulled Apple from the brink of bankruptcy and propelled it to the most valuable company in the world. Your business model must put you into position where you can compete on level playing ground with Amazon. Right now, these three companies, especially Amazon, are busy spoiling your customers. And it isn’t price that will be the determining issue. People stand in line overnight for the opportunity to purchase the most expensive smart phones in the world. It’s efficiency. You’d damned well better be as efficient as Amazon, or you may as well start planning your business’ funeral right now 
Amazon is the most efficient business in the world right now because they have the best infrastructure. Everything from marketing to receiving the order, to pulling and packaging the product to delivering it to your home is done accurately, effectively and efficiently. In some localities you can get your order delivered the same day you place it.

Be honest. How does your business stack up?

I could regale you for hours with stories about everything from these companies’ tax strategies to their regulatory management to workforce management. In all of these areas and others they excel. Years ago they determined to make the willful effort to be constantly improving in every they had complete control over, and to do everything they could to gain control over everything else.

Ellis offers the business model and infrastructure to emulate these companies, regardless of your size or resources. It is completely feasible that your company is in the exact same situation Apple was in, in1998. This business model and infrastructure may be all that stands between you and putting your mark on the universe.

We’ll describe the business model and infrastructure in subsequent posts. In the meantime you can find out more by visiting our web site.

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