Buy the Bacon. Not the Sizzle


Don’t waste money on generic tax preparers.  Generic tax preparers are relationship marketers selling the sizzle, which is just background noise. They pull this off by distracting your attention away from the lack of results with a great relationship experience.  In the thirties, these people were called ‘grifters’.  Modern day grifters come in all shapes and sizes, from one man operations working out of their garage to big, established & highly reputable firms. But they all have one thing in common. They talk in grandiose terms about what they’ve accomplished for you, but they never reduce it to easily measured concrete savings that result in a real number you can take to tne bank. 

ELLIS is a results based marketer. We tell prospective clients we will save them more than we cost. We then explain where the savings will come from in easily understandable terms. We measure actual results after the fact and report the savings to you. If we fail to accomplish the savings we intended, although we never have except in the case of a collapsing company, we sit down or get on the phone and explain why that happened and we lay out the prospects for future savings.  In the old days they called people like us straight shooters. 

We can do this easily because 99% of the owners of closely held businesses pay more tax than the law requires. We know this because we’ve been monitoring it for 35 years. We won’t even tell you why. We’ll let you guess. But the obvious answer is probably the right one. 

ELLIS is selling the bacon; others are selling the sizzle.

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