Surprisingly Good News

From John Chambers, CEO of CIsco

” In a nutshell, the U.S. is good and growing, Europe is fragile but growing, and the emerging markets are just bad.” Here’s the transcript via

Decide for yourself. The economists I follow are fighting over whether we will have hyperinflation or debilitating deflation. The signs do seem to point to trouble ahead … for instance … record numbers no longer participate in the economy … for those of you in Rio LInda, that means … not gainfully employed … We appear to be a joke on the world stage … nobody pays any attention to us any more … not a good sign … but we did spy on basically everyone … And how on earth can we make the national debt disappear without taxing us into oblivion? Perhaps the main dude has a rabbit in his hat.

If Mr. Chambers could tell us how to solve all thee problems … I would be much more impressed with his assessment.

But in one sense, I am in agreement … My forecast is that the 21st century will be boom and bust. Boom for those companies who are prepared for the turmoil of the 21st century with top notch infrastructure and customer service, who will blossom and shine in the turmoil they have prepared for. Those that haven’t, will taste the bust. You can access our long term forecast on our web site …

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