Does this make sense?

Is there something wrong with this picture?

One out of six men in their most productive years (25 to 54) are not working. Our best and brightest are sitting in a wading pool in their front yard sucking down brews and working on their tan. They’ve given up ever getting a decent job. At the same time, illegals are swarming into the U.S, to take advantage of amnesty promised by the Republicans. Does this make sense?

Agriculture in the San Fernando Valley is being shut down to save a few fish, while cities, farms, businesses and families fall apart. Does this make sense?

Russia is using it’s gas pipeline to blackmail Europe while the Keystone pipeline that could set Europe free (and the U.S) is continually delayed. Does this make sense?

Journalists couldn’t think of a single instance in which America’s relationship with a foreign country had improved in the last five years. Does this make sense?

OK. I’m just wondering. Are we stuck in a time warp where nothing makes sense any more?

Graph (above) & article (below) from The Weekly Standard …

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