Good grief

This just won’t go away.

IRS seeking help to destroy 3,200 more hard drives

Remember how many times I have talked in these emails about the IRS attitude? This is a good example. Read it and weep.

This started as a political controversy about Lois Lerner’s missing emails. She was head of the IRS, but she’s not there any longer. But when this kind of in-your-face attitude comes from the top levels of the IRS, it’s worth reporting. And since mine is but to do or die, I’m going to report it.

Henceforth, this is all about the IRS attitude.

Some states are this bad as well. Colorado and California come to mind. So consider this slinging mud at all of them.

Let me reiterate … Probably a year ago, in the midst of a political argument (stress on political not official), requests were made by the House of representatives for certain emails. After ignoring it for some time, suddenly came the announcement that the emails in question had been inadvertently destroyed. Along with the hard drives where they were located. (Coming from someone who deals with this stuff all the time, this didn’t sound plausible.)

But, one of the responses was to search the computers of people who may have received a copy.

Then yesterday came the news that some more hard drives had been destroyed.

Now today comes the news that the IRS is seeking outside help to destroy 3200 hard drives.

Whoo. What’s that all about?

Even if there is nothing wrong here. Even if everything is on the up and up, the IRS really doesn’t give a squat. They don’t care what you think, or what the public thinks or what the House of Representatives think or what the law thinks. They could care less. They’re the biggest gorilla in the jungle and we can all go twiddle our thumbs.

Remember I told you one of our tax cases had gone to court? … but the case had been negotiated away in our favor before it actually got to court? Well guess what? A few days ago, that taxpayer got a bill for $75,000 of penalties. Isn’t that cute? “OK, you don’t owe any more taxes, but you do owe penalties.”

For doing nothing wrong? I mean if he didn’t owe tax, how could they penalize him?

If you give people enough power to do what they want, they will do what they want.

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