IRS scandal getting deeper

IRS ethics lawyer facing disbarment, accused of lying.

Par for the course. An ethics lawyer facing disbarment because of lying. This is typical of government, especially this administration. But don’t believe for a minute I let the loyal opposition off the hook. They are just as bad. Or worse.

There’s something lyrical & poetic about this statement … IRS ethics lawyer facing disbarment over lying. This is the perfect storm of “I can’t believe what just happened.”

IRS = government … should be trustworthy but isn’t
Ethics = moral principles … should be trustworthy but isn’t

I mean, if you can’t trust an IRS ethics lawyer, and you can’t trust Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, who can you trust?  It may be a misnomer, but IRS ethics lawyers aren’t imaginary characters. They actually exist.

I’ll tell you something else. When you’re in a hearing or a court case and you hear someone start lying, and you know they’re lying, it drives you nuts.  You know this little dweeb is lying but everyone acts like he’s the salt of the earth. That’s when the lawyer leans over and says … “Don’t worry, the wheels of justice grind slowly, but they grind excessively fine.” I hope he’s right, but I never had the patience to hang around and find out.

I suspect that doesn’t work in politics. (I ran for Congress once and met everyone who’s anyone. And I noticed a lot of shady characters. Some of them are well known to this day.)

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