Politics & Hollywood

Catching up on my reading when I stumbled across this doozy on Blog Maverick for 3/19.

” In Hollywood every one will talk and listen to you about your project.  But while they are standing there, right in front of you, they are not looking at you. They are looking past you to the next project where they can raise/sell more.  Where they can be a bigger star. There is always a bigger fish. Who ever is standing in front of them is hopefully just the bait. “

In my ’tilting at windmills’ era, I was a pretty big player in politics. I even ran for Congress on a tax reform ticket but lost. Campaigning was great. When I walked into a room, everyone would stop what they were doing to cheer and clap. That kind of stuff can get in your blood. Unfortunately it can also go to your head.

When I was running for Congress, I flipped over a few too many rocks to see what lived underneath them. The comment bolded above was something I heard more often than not. I particularly remember this particular statement about a governor candidate. “While I was shaking his hand and trying to carry on a conversation, he was looking over my shoulder to see if there was anyone more important behind me.”

I can see that. Politics and Hollywood have more than that in common.

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