Fund Raising

More money available than investment opportunities?
Money with expectations looking for a place to land?
This puts VCs behind the proverbial 8 ball.
They’re sitting on money they need to place.

Big ideas by decent teams will get funded.

The problem is most ideas are too small.

Fund raising tip:

Every investor wants to make money. Answer that question and his ears will perk up regardless of the rest of the presentation. Everything else pales to insignificance when this question is answered. That will keep the presentation alive until something else kills it. Answer the return question with a home run and the rest of your presentation just has to be, “don’t kill it.” VCs roll the dice hoping for one out of ten to come in, but they’re looking for that “one” every time they talk to anyone. They don’t invest in anything they don’t think can be the “one”. Don’t make investors connect the dots for themselves. Tell them. Make sure they understand. If you’re in doubt, ask them, “Was that clear?”

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