Everything Is Changing

The digital revolution means that everything can be improved. So in a few short years, everything will be improved.

Most services and products are as good as they could be. There were limits to what any company could do, so they did the best they could and grew into giant multinationals on that formula. But the digital revolution pushes the possibilities to the end of the rainbow. The walls limiting what was possible have been breached. Already the improvements are massive. Just decades ago, banks were drowning in a sea of paper. Every bank had to process every piece of paper and stuff every check into an envelope and mail it back. No more. In a few short years, everything will be improved. Not just a little. But in big massive ways like paper disappearing from the banking industry. In the same way China skipped by the infrastructure phase of development and went straight to cell phones, new businesses that today are just in their infancy (like Bitcoin), or just starting up or a just a glimmer in someone’s eye will drive giant incumbents in every industry to their knees. Entire industries will be wiped out. By the second or third decade of this century, the landscape will be vastly different.

How will you cope?

I can see my industry, accounting and tax being entirely wiped out. What about yours? How will you pivot? Or will you wait it out?

You best study guide is science fiction. The singularity? Who knows? Whatever.

This will be a topsy turvey two or three decades. The entire 21st century will reverberate with possibility.

But keep in mind. Ellis can help you do whatever you need to do. At the very least you need to maximize profits by improving infrastructure, cutting taxes, cutting costs, protecting your business and making it more valuable. This is an urgent issue you need to address now. Then at least you will have more options.  This is what we do. http://www.elliscpa.us. Call us.

99% won’t see it coming until it hits them in the eye.

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