Is Your Tax Accountant Helping or Hindering?

If you’re like most businesses, you don’t see accounting firms as an integral part of your success. You’re more likely to see them as a third wheel; a necessary cost that never contributes a dime to the bottom line.

That’s certainly not the ideal situation.

Here’s the scenario you should aim for.

In little more than a decade, Apple pulled itself from the brink of bankruptcy and propelled itself to the most valuable company in the world by cutting taxes & weeding out waste. Both of these are accounting functions. Apple funded that explosion in growth partly by saving $400 billion in taxes, partly by weeding out the waste that nearly drove them into bankruptcy, and partly with the iPod, the iPhone & the iPad.

This is the ideal relationship to expect from your accounting firm.

You can add competitive advantage out of thin air without spending an extra dime just by hiring the right accounting firm. The right firm will save you money, and every dollar saved puts distance between you and your competitors.

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