More on Tax Havens

Another tax haven company.


Just to be clear. This is perfectly legal. The U.S. has tax treaties covering all of this stuff with most, or probably all, of the tax havens nationwide. Holland is a tax haven. Great Britain is a tax haven. Luxembourg is a tax haven. It isn’t just your dodgy countries. This is an valid economic strategy to attract business to their country. For instance, one of the Big 4 accounting firms, the biggest of the big is headquartered in the Netherlands (Holland). Another is headquartered in Great Britain. We can whine all we want, but we signed the treaties.

You may have noticed, this wasn’t even an issue until the administration allowed the Bush tax cuts to expire, kicking in the largest tax increase in history. That’s when tax havens and tax immersions became big news.

Now they want to “REFORM TAXES”.  Guess what the final outcome of that will be. More Taxes.

When there’s tax reform, taxpayers lose.

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