leveling the tax reform playing field

Here’s my take.

Yes they are considering leveling the playing field for small businesses. But nothing is decided yet. The Senate is still debating. The House bill has already passed. When the Senate bill passes, then the reconciliation process goes behind closed doors and the differences between the house bill and Senate bill are negotiated. We are still in the preliminaries.

Their primary concern right now is paying for it without increasing the deficit. As long as that’s their goal, some brutal things could happen in the reconciliation process.

The preliminaries are for A/B testing and press consumption. The reconciliation is deadly serious.

My biggest issue with the entire process is they did not appear to have a cohesive plan. They just threw things against the wall to see what stuck. And unfortunately, the uproar over screwing small businesses did not roar very loudly.


C’est la vie

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