Business Structures

  • Tax savings
  • Asset protection
  • Maneuverability
  • Pivot on a dime

We will structure your business for maximum success.

Few businesses are structured effectively. Apparently, little or no consideration goes into the choice of a business structure.

Every business begins with a single entity structure. There are something like 33 different entities from which you can operate a business. The most commonly used are personal individual schedule C business, partnership, LLC or corporation. Each of these are taxed differently and can take deductions the others can’t.

Whatever entity the business begins with, it may change to a different entity at some point, but most businesses will go their entire life with one single entity at a time. That restricts their ability to react and adapt. However the larger the business gets and the more sophisticated ownership becomes, the more consideration it will pay to various entities to achieve results that can’t be achieved by a single entity. At one time Caterpillar had 350 separate subsidiary companies in the Netherlands alone.

Obviously, most businesses are not structured optimally. This makes them vulnerable to unnecessary tax, lawsuits & getting caught by competitive forces without the ability to maneuver. All of which can be disastrous.

We are expert at business structures. We will restructure your business to its best structure to achieve goals in tax, asset protection & maneuverability.

There is a difference between your business & your company. Your business is the money maker. Your company or companies comprise the structure you use to operate your business. The business is valuable. Entities are the structure you operate from. In a smart structure, structures are temporary & interchangeable. Working with intellectual property strategies, entities become throwaway entities that you can throwaway and pivot on a dime.

Every business has a one best structure at that particular time in the continual progress of your business. You are probably not using your best structure right now.

  • A great structure achieves myriad valuable goals easily and effortlessly.
  • A bad structure constantly interferes with business goals & exposes your vital assets to lawsuits & litigation.
  • A bad structure is a trap because it’s inflexible, cumbersome & poorly conceived. Plus it adds to tour tax burden & puts all assets at risk needlessly.
  • A bad structure is a lead weight around your shoulders.
  • A bad structure makes it more difficult to survive & thrive in a competitive environment


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