Scaling a Business

Lessons on Scaling Business from Bain.

“The most successful companies retain the ability to build businesses by acting like the scale insurgent in their industry. Scale insurgents capture the benefits of size while maintaining a strong sense of Founder’s Mentality, which we define as a clear insurgent mission, a frontline focus and an owner mindset. Their greatest advantage is the ability to compete on both scale and speed.

“How can incumbent companies reinvigorate their Founder’s Mentality and become fast-moving scale insurgents? They can launch micro-battles. In micro-battles, small, cross-functional teams take a bold strategic initiative and translate it into a prototype that can be tested in the marketplace. They turn a winning prototype into a repeatable model that can be scaled across the organization. Senior leaders, who manage the full portfolio of battles, work to amplify the impact of individual teams and recognize patterns across the board. This process challenges bureaucratic behaviors and prods executives to embrace a new way of working.”

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