Frivolous Tax Arguments

Frivolous arguments. A frivolous argument is an argument that has no substance but it’s being argued to save face when you are caught with your pants down. Just don’t do it with the IRS. The IRS has a long list of frivolous arguments used against them.

“Tax Court fined independent contractor $1,000 for frivolous argument.”

“The Tax Court imposed a $1,000 frivolous argument penalty under Code Sec. 6673 on an independent contractor who argued that his independent contractor commissions were not taxable income, but loans. The Tax Court warned the taxpayer several times that the argument was frivolous and a penalty might be imposed if he continued to advance it, but he continued to advance the argument anyway. (Staples, TC Memo 2019-75)” Thomson Reuters.

“Have you recently read somewhere or heard someone claim that you don’t need to file a tax return with the IRS? Don’t fall for it—frivolous tax arguments are a scam. The IRS is concerned that people may fall victim to con artists and promoters who sell these schemes and then leave the taxpayer to fend for themselves once they’re caught; they therefore include frivolous tax arguments within their “Dirty Dozen” warning list of known scams.

“Whatever your sentiments may be, frivolous arguments against income tax are null and void in the eyes of the law. Don’t let someone talk you into thinking that taxes are optional or unnecessary; if you owe income tax and choose not to file, you are breaking the law. If you’re confused and asking yourself, “What is a frivolous tax return?”, keep reading to learn more. Without making yourself aware, you could get duped by a scammer and face some serious consequences.” Community Tax.


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