Everything Is Changing

The digital revolution means that everything can be improved. So in a few short years, everything will be improved.

Most services and products are as good as they could be. There were limits to what any company could do, so they did the best they could and grew into giant multinationals on that formula. But the digital revolution pushes the possibilities to the end of the rainbow. The walls limiting what was possible have been breached. Already the improvements are massive. Just decades ago, banks were drowning in a sea of paper. Every bank had to process every piece of paper and stuff every check into an envelope and mail it back. No more. In a few short years, everything will be improved. Not just a little. But in big massive ways like paper disappearing from the banking industry. In the same way China skipped by the infrastructure phase of development and went straight to cell phones, new businesses that today are just in their infancy (like Bitcoin), or just starting up or a just a glimmer in someone’s eye will drive giant incumbents in every industry to their knees. Entire industries will be wiped out. By the second or third decade of this century, the landscape will be vastly different.

How will you cope?

I can see my industry, accounting and tax being entirely wiped out. What about yours? How will you pivot? Or will you wait it out?

You best study guide is science fiction. The singularity? Who knows? Whatever.

This will be a topsy turvey two or three decades. The entire 21st century will reverberate with possibility.

But keep in mind. Ellis can help you do whatever you need to do. At the very least you need to maximize profits by improving infrastructure, cutting taxes, cutting costs, protecting your business and making it more valuable. This is an urgent issue you need to address now. Then at least you will have more options.  This is what we do. http://www.elliscpa.us. Call us.

99% won’t see it coming until it hits them in the eye.

News From Davos


From Bloomberg

Mergers and acquisitions are surging, with $130 billion in takeover offers already announced this year. And enterprises from Microsoft Corp. to Volkswagen AG are readying plans to step up capital spending after companies have squirreled away a record amount of cash to protect against a new financial crisis.

“The animal spirits are coming back,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist for New York-based Moody’s. “This is going to be a good year” for capital expenditures and hiring.


We’ll deal with animal spirits in the next post.  Sounds weird, but there’s a simple explanation. This post however is dedicated to why big companies see things differently than small companies and why they would take an expansive approach at exactly the time many prognosticators are projecting doom and destruction.

ELLIS Forecast

If you can survive 21st century chaos long enough to improve in every area you have compete control over, you’ll participate in the biggest, craziest boom ever. You don’t make the improvements, doom and destruction are waiting down the road. Our firm is forecasting an unusual future. On the one hand we are forecasting continued sluggishness for the overall economy. But on the other hand we are forecasting increasingly discriminating taste of most buyers. The ability to deal with this is what will separate sucesses from failures.

With two competitors on the same street in the same block of the same city with all the same outward appearances and the exact same pricing, why would one thrive and one face demise?

Because of their business model and their infrastructure …

Here’s the lay of the land …

@ Google & Wikipedia are the future of knowledge, not the university system.
@ Amazon & Apple are the future of business. They and Apple are busy spoiling your customers right now.
@ Apple is the future of innovation and customer loyalty.

With that competitive landscape staring you in the face, you have to adapt to survive. If you can’t compete on a level playing field with Amazon, your customers will be disappointed and you won’t survive. Amazon and Apple are making customers very particular.  Who on this earth has never purchased anything from at least one of these behemoths?

If you haven’t already experienced the rising expectations, you will soon.

That’s where ELLIS comes in.

We are specialists in helping small businesses over this hump. Our business model will improve your business in every area you have complete control over. Our infrastructure helps make your internal workings hum like a Stradivarius.

Of course, you’ll have to do you share, sales, marketing and product or service development. But we can provide the time for you to concentrate on theses essential areas that you may have never concentrated before.

In the final analysis, Ellis makes it possible for you to leave your mark on the universe.

Why Davos Companies are Different from your Business

The companies that participate at Davos are all the biggest and best in the world, They already have their business model and infrastructure in place. The writing has been on the wall for a long time. The issue is all the other businesses in the world, especially wholly owned business in the United States. I can’t speak for other countries, but I suspect it will not be unlike the U.S. in this respect.

Most wholly owned business don’t think it’s worth the money to pay for consulting or for being on the cutting edge. While most very large businesses pay to have the world’s biggest consulting firms in their place of business on a daily basis.=; often more than one at a time. Whether they take their consultants’ advice, they want them around. This is one of the reasons few small wholly owned businesses break free of the crowd. 99.99% remain small and wholly owned for their entire existence.

  • Infrastructure is key
  • Google is the future of knowledge
  • Amazon is the future of business
  • Apple is the future of community
  • Ellis is the future of professional services
  • the way Americans do business is changing
  • regulatory strangulation
  • talent drought
  • faster deliver
  • better service
  • more digital revolution
  • tax increases (never cuts) as we socialism a try
  • mind bogglingly complexity
  • economic turbulence as Pacific Rim raises
  • new and unexpected competition
  • … from new and unexpected sources
  • … often financed by government, ala Government Motors
  • and, last but not least …
  • greater opportunity for those who are ready

Are you ready?