Arming or Disarming?

I’m a little confused by all the conflicting reports about the U.S. Government. Are we arming or disarming, and how much is it going to cost, and what does all this mean?

I guess the answer is yes to both questions, but only toward certain targets. A few days ago I saw a report we were going to destroy a billion dollars worth of military ammunition. So that means we’re disarming the Military just as Putin begins to flex his muscle in the Ukraine. The Power Structure seems to think if we act nicey nice, everyone else will also. But the reports out of Europe and Asia seem to to be saying U.S. weakness is emboldening the bad people who are now actively arming themselves. I really wish they had consulted Putin and China before the threw out the baby with the bath water. But … c’est la vie.

Couple that with the fact that I’ve been reading about how Homeland Security was running stores out of hollow point ammo because they were buying it all. (Hollow point is the ammo that explodes on impact). And as we saw on TV recently, the BLM has already been armed. Good grief; at the Bundy ranch they looked like a swat team. And I’m sure beyond doubt the IRS is similarly armed.

So here’s my innovative idea. Talk about a great revelation … As a tax savings measure, why don’t we just give the military ammunition to Homeland Security and the BLM?

I should get an award for this. I’m surprised none of you thought of it.
(Pats himself on the back.)

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