Tax as a Competitive Advantage

I have decided to go back on the speaking circuit. I will go anywhere and do anything to get on the agenda at events or conventions of mid-caps or privately owned businesses and/or their owners.

If you know of anything, please pass my name along or email me contact info.

I am a pretty good speaker and my take on tax gets a good reception. I start with a surprise about how the 16th amendment created two tax systems in America and worked my way through the secrets of tax strategy and through significant tax savings available in interstate & international taxation. I also talk about saving tax (& companies) by restructuring and with intellectual property rights & royalties. There’s a lot of take-aways and attendees find it illuminating. My talks are different than anything they have ever heard. And I end every talk with an answer & answer session, which is generally lively and will continue until someone shuts it down. I earned my speaking spurs as a politician running for Congress. In politics you speak so often at the drop of a hat, it’s a good way to develop skill. I developed the reputation of being the best speaker in the state, speaking to audiences as large as 10,000. I also learned how to work a room, any room. My background is a Big 5 auditing firm, 2 Fortune 500 C suites and private practice working for such varied clients as the Saudi royal family. My IQ is quite high and I have been developing my tax strategies for decades. None of them have ever been challenged by the IRS. I have never “lost”an  IRS  audit.  I have  two  businesses, both of which are being  re-branded right now.

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If you are putting together an event, keep me in mind. BTW, that is not a bad way to pick up leads for yourself. Maybe we could work together by putting together a tour of events. Let me know if you are interested. Or if you know of anyone that might be interested.

Any leads appreciated. Thank you.

Robert Ellis, (888) 241-5040, Email, Ellis CPA Firm PC 

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